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Imagine this: Your family member passes away and in the terms of their will, they name you as the executor of their estate. This means that when the probate process begins, you are expected to step up and handle any and all financial matters that come your way. As you begin handling the distribution of wealth from the decedent to those identified as beneficiaries, you learn many of the family member’s aren’t content with the way you are handling your new role. Discussions tend to become heated and everything turns into a shear argument.

Does this sound familiar? While this is only a hypothetical situation, perhaps you are in the beginning stages of probating a friend or family member’s estate and you are worried a similar situation is bound to arise as you know assets and property can lead to disagreements, even if it only involves family?

If so, you are highly encouraged to reach out to an experienced and well-versed probate litigation lawyer who can assist you each and every step of the way, and even serve as a mediator when discussing inheritances among family and others who have been named as a beneficiary.

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Losing someone close to us or a family member is never easy to get through. It often takes a significant amount of time to be able to carry on with our day to day activities in a normal manner, and while you may be trying to accept your loss, it may be even harder for you as you have been assigned to distribute all of the decedent’s assets; things that once represented their life and meant a great deal to them.

Aside from the duties you are now expected to fulfill, you probably have a job, a family, and other day to day responsibilities you must accomplish which has become difficult as of recently as you are trying to tend to your role as the executor of the decedent’s estate.

It is time you receive the legal advice and guidance you need to help get you through this troubling time.


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