Reputable Probate Law Firms in Nevada are Ready to Help You

A person who wishes to contest a will after it has already gone through probate can do so but within a certain period of time. If you feel you were entitled to more or there was an issue with your loved one’s will, you can file your discrepancy with the appropriate court where the probate matter was handled. You have three months to file your allegations with the court according to NRS 137.080 of Chapter 137 of the Nevada state laws.

People often contest wills when they feel their loved one’s dying wishes weren’t actually carried out in the proper manner. You know your loved ones and you know what they would have wanted. If you feel something just isn’t right with how their assets are expected to be distributed, you can hire a probate attorney in Nevada who can help you with this process.


What Else Can a Probate Lawyer Do for Me?

If you are an executor and are in control of ensuring your family members possessions are given out according to how they wanted them to be, a probate attorney can help you with this and more. Some tasks they can help you get accomplished include:

While these are only some of the duties you are expected to complete, depending on the circumstances surrounding their assets and the terms of their will, this process can either run quite smoothly, or can be full of complex task.

Either way, it is always a good idea that you at least consult with a probate lawyer in your city who can be sure you are on the right path and not at risk of making any errors.


Whether you are looking for some clarification or simply need solutions to some questions you have, an experienced probate lawyer in Nevada can provide you with that and more. As you may have already figured out, the clerks inside the court aren’t permitted to provide you with legal advice and are limited in how they can help you when it comes time to fill out the necessary paperwork. Therefore, you are literally on your own unless you have someone who is familiar with the process and willing and able to help you.

The fact is, probating an estate can take a fair bit of time and requires patience, and as someone who probably has their own job and other day to day commitments, you may not have the necessary time to devote to getting this probate process completed. This is why we encourage you now to take advantage of the free services we offer and allow us to get you paired up with a reliable and dedicated probate litigation attorney in your area now.