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Being responsible and liable for carrying out your loved one’s final wishes as stated in their will in an honorable role to have, although, it can be a bit time consuming, and require efforts from you that you simply do not understand how to do.

There are many tasks that must be carried out after your loved one passes and the probate process has begun. And while you may be grieving and trying to get through each day without them, if you have been assigned as the executor, or personal representative of their estate, you are likely going to be responsible for doing several of the following:


While you have your own personal responsibilities that you may be required to take care of such as working and taking care of your own family, as the executor, you are going to need to ensure the transfer of wealth from the decedent to those who are expected to receive these inheritances is properly handled.

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Retaining a probate legal representative doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does getting the legal aid you need.


Does the Probate Process Have You Confused?

Whether you need a lawyer to help you get going with dividing up the decedent’s assets, or you are looking for someone to act a mediator as disagreements often arise when discussing inheritances with family, your probate litigation attorney can be there to serve as that and more. Call us today and discuss the options we have available for you.