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In the state of Louisiana, when a person passes away and leaves behind property and other assets, generally, their estate goes through the probate process, also referred to as succession. When an individual is named the executor, or personal representative of their loved one’s estate, they must go through this succession process in order to ensure the transfer of their wealth is distributed accordingly to the terms stated in the decedents will.

In the event you were recently named the executor, or are questioning whether or not the written terms of your relative’s will are valid, it is important that you speak with an experienced probate lawyer in the state of Louisiana in a timely manner to ensure your duties are carried out properly, or to receive confirmation that the decedents will is in fact correct or not.


While many dread the thought of having to search through the endless options of Louisiana probate lawyers online, we are here to tell you that your search is over. Probating an estate can be quite the complex process and without any help or legal guidance, you risk chance of making a mistake or possibly leaving some unpaid bills unaccounted for.

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The Duties of an Executor During the Probate Process

 How Can a Probate Lawyer Nearby Help with Them?

Depending on what your loved one left behind and the worth of their assets will play a significant role in how much work you have ahead of you. Some of the general responsibilities you may be required to carry out include:

While these are only some of the tasks that may be asked of you to complete, remember, a probate legal representative local to you can step in and assist with some or even all of these duties.

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