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A will is a legal document that coordinates how the distribution of a person’s assets is carried out after a person passes away. It also appoints legal guardians for minor children. A will is an important document for every individual to have because we never know when it is our time to go. Car crashes claim lives everyday along with old age and health concerns. A will guarantees that the things you worked so hard for are passed down according to your wishes, no one else’s.

In many cases, a person who leaves behind a will outlines exactly how they want things to be run, like businesses, how they want their possessions sold or passed down, and who they allocate as their executor if they elect to do so. Not all decedents designate an executor but it helps during the probate process where the legality of the will is reviewed.


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One of the greatest challenges a person is confronted with after the passing of their loved one is how they will continue on without this individual. It is never easy to recover from the loss of someone we love, and unfortunately, certain obligations are going to be required to be fulfilled even after they pass that you may not be fully equipped to handle just yet.

When some passes away, generally, all of their assets go through probate, which is a court process that is supervised to ensure any and all of the decedents assets are transferred to those named in their will. Generally, an executor, or personal representative of their estate, is assigned to take on this duty, however, there is an abundant amount of responsibility that comes along with it. This is why many executors turn to a probate attorney close by in the state of Kansas to step in and assist.


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