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After a person passes away, usually, they leave behind a will stating how they want their assets to be divided among surviving family members, and they may even appoint someone as the executor of their estate. While the executor, or personal representative is usually someone close to the decedent and often someone who can be trusted, it can be an enormous amount of responsibility for one person to handle.

Many times, individuals turn to a probate attorney in their city or nearby to them who can step in and assist. While some can handle a portion of ensuring the transfer of wealth from the decedent to the assigned beneficiaries is done so properly and efficiently, others may need someone to act as a mediator as family discussions regarding inheritances and assets can become a bit heated, and even argumentative.

If you were recently assigned the role as the acting executor of your loved one’s estate or are questioning the validity of their will, consider consulting with a skilled and experienced probate lawyer in Hawaii who can further review the terms of the decedents’ will, and develop a plan of action to decide if something needs to be contested or how to go about transferring this wealth to those who are expected to receive it.

While you want to carry out your assigned duties in a timely manner, it is understandable that you also have your own personal responsibilities and prior engagements to take care of as well. And while you may be honored to have been named by the decedent as the executor, it is also acceptable to reach out for help from someone who is well aware of how to handle probating an estate, and a professional who has other connections or experience in other fields of law.

Sometimes, our loved one’s leave behind other forms of assets such as an insurance policy, and having a probate lawyer who also specializes in insurance can definitely make the matter much easier to handle. However, when choosing which Hawaii probate litigation law firm you want working on your side, it is important you find someone who is going to be considerate to your needs as you may be experiencing a mix of emotions right now, and someone who is willing and able to be there when you need them the most.


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