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In state of Georgia, probating your loved one’s estate isn’t always a necessary step that must be taken when someone you love passes on. Sometimes, when a will isn’t present, all of their assets are handed down to the next heir in line who is then responsible for requesting no probate. Only under certain circumstances will this be granted, but generally, probate is a necessary step that must be taken to ensure all of the decedents financial obligations are fulfilled, and all beneficiaries receive their inheritance according to how it is stated in the will when one is present.

When a decedent’s estate begins the probate process, an individual, usually a spouse or other close relative, is assigned the role of being the executor, or personal representative of the estate, and a significant amount of responsibility falls on their shoulders are their loved one’s death may have been unexpected, resulting with many ties undone, and many financial contracts still active.

If you were recently named the executor of the estate and are unsure are to what your true responsibilities are, you may want to consider consulting with a skilled probate attorney in Georgia who knows the ins and outs of probate law and can guide you down the path of successfully carrying out the duties that have been assigned to you.

With the recent death of your loved one, your newly acquired role as an executor, and your own personal tasks you must complete, it is understandable that you may feel a bit overwhelmed and want some help. understands this which is why we are here to help get you connected with a local probate lawyer in Georgia who can provide this to you.

You can begin now by browsing through our site and learn a little bit about who these probate legal representatives are. We provide you with many of the answers you are seeking as we also offer you up front information about their background in the field of probate law, their mission statements as a firm, their fees, case history, and much more. We invite you to give a probate lawyer a call in the event you come across someone you are considering working with.

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Regardless of the number of assets your loved one left behind, it is always helpful to have a mediator and someone to point you in the right direction when getting all these finances taken care of. Give a call today and let us aid in finding you the right Georgia probate attorney to handle your matter.