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Probating an estate is often a dreadful process to go through, especially because your loved one just passed. Losing someone close to us isn’t easy to deal with, and it often takes a significant amount of time to grieve and accept this loss. And generally, after a person passes away, they leave a will and in it assign someone close to them to serve as the personal representative, or executor, of their estate.

This responsibility is often too much for one person to handle, and it is often difficult to go through the stages of giving away pieces of your loved one’s once put together life. Unfortunately, probating their estate is often a necessary step to ensure financial obligations are met, and any contracts or other financial burdens are handled. But, while you may feel overwhelmed, not to mention a bit somber, there is help available and that is if you elect to hire a probate attorney in the state of Washington D.C.

There are many tasks you are going to have to get accomplished, and you may not have the time to do them. Some of the things that may be required of you as the executor of the estate include:

  • Get financial matters settled, including those involving unpaid taxes.
  • Determine any uncertainties in the wording of the will.
  • Handle disputes among family or beneficiaries regarding property and other assets.
  • Handle disputed debts or unfinished contracts, such as the sale of a company that wasn’t completed.
  • Ensure that is property is left to a minor that they receive a guardian to assist with the management of it.
  • Publish your loved one’s death to bring awareness to possible creditors the decent was working with.
  • Serve as a record keeper of all the assets the decedent had, and what was used to pay unpaid debts.
  • You may be required to have the decedents assets appraised and sold.
  • Disburse the remaining inheritances to according to the will or if no will is present, based on state laws.


Probating an estate is quite the complex process, and you are going to want a probate lawyer who specializes in this field to be there to step in and assist.


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