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If someone you love recently passed, and you learned you were their assigned executor, or estate representative, you may be wondering what exactly it is you are responsible for. While the death of a loved one may have many feeling a mix of emotions, the executor of their estate needs to be able to:

However, because this process if done through a court process, it is quite serious, and the duties set forth must be carried out in a timely manner. Whether your loved one was in the process of beginning a business or had a company already going, you need to be certain that those entitled to these companies who are stated in the will are in fact notified of the inheritance they are due to receive. That also goes for any other assets that are being distributed based on the written terms of the decedents will.

The good news is that you don’t have to take on all this responsibility and burden on your own. is here to help.


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If you weren’t aware, probate lawyers in Colorado are available to step in and assist with the entire probating estate process, or only a portion of it. Because this generally involves family and money, things tend to get a bit “sticky” and could even become uncomfortable for you as you weren’t assigned this role, yet you are required to do it. Many designated beneficiaries may be under the impression that you aren’t properly carrying out your duties, or feel their inheritance isn’t being provided to them in a quick enough manner.

This is precisely why having a probate law firm step in to aid in this complex process is so beneficial. They tend to keep things calm between everyone, can ensure all the assets are accounted for, help keep the communication flowing as they are more aware and cognizant of what is transpiring during the probate period, etc.


Probating an Estate is a Complicated Matter

You can begin searching for a lawyer in your area right here through, or give us a call and an agent of ours will get you connected with a reputable and well-versed probate attorney in Colorado immediately. It is time you receive the help you require as you may have other obligations in your own life you have to take care of.