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After the passing of a loved one, generally, the next step that occurs is that their estate is probated. This means that a process occurs under court supervisions where your loved one’s assets are transferred to those named as beneficiaries in their will, and are also used to wrap up any financial obligations they may have had before they passed.

Unfortunately, these matters have the potential to turn ugly when one or more of the beneficiaries believe they weren’t rightfully provided what was due to them. Generally, the decedent would have assigned someone the role as the executor, which is the person who manages the probate process and ensures everything stated in the will is carried out, and all other loose ends are tied up.

But, if you are under the impression that this individual did not comply with the terms set forth in the will, you do have the option of contesting this. If you elect do so, you most definitely want to consider hiring a California probate attorney who is familiar with the laws and understands the process and its entirely. That is where steps in.


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You have taken the right steps in getting this matter handled, and with the legal advice and guidance a California probate attorney can offer, the better chance you have of getting things clarified during this difficult time. Whether you are the executor or an assigned beneficiary, speaking with a legal representative specializing in probating is your best bet at getting this process handled in a timely manner.